Chesterfield rescinds earlier vote, re-ups contract for trash and waste collection | Politics

Mayor Bob Nation said there had been “a tremendous outpouring” of residents saying they wanted to stay with the republic and the additional concessions would improve services.

Resident Jeff Chapple said he was “a little disappointed” after researching that the republic had given some communities an even bigger discount for senior citizens and urged the city to “make an offer – residents deserved it.” “.

Hurt, the only dissident on the council, agreed that the city should have run out of offers.

“It is common in the business world to periodically bid on surgery and materials to check value and see if there is anything new in the area of ​​your search.”

McGuinness replied, “There was a tsunami of Republic support and goodwill that you have built in this community over the years. Our employees want this company, their drivers, and the high quality services they provide. You are not ready to take the risk of moving into a new company. “

Councilor Ben Keathley added, “These contract costs will be billed directly to residents. If you are satisfied with the services we want to make sure you have access to them. “

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