Carpet cleaning UK: Mrs Hinch fans share simple trick to clean carpets in property

Carpets can be freshened up with products and a quick vacuum cleaner. In an attempt to tackle a notable stain, the owners shared their simple cleaning hacks.

How to clean a carpet

A homeowner who posted cleaning tips from Ms. Hinch on a Facebook group asked for advice on cleaning carpets.

They shared pictures of black stains on a light brown carpet and asked for tips on how to remove the stains.

The homeowner stated, “My little boy decided to put a bingo thief on my carpet.


“I’ve tried Carpet Cleaner, Vanish, powder detergent, and hairspray. It doesn’t budge. Can someone suggest something else please?”

The woman stated that she tried a number of things to remove the stain but had no success.

The post soon garnered almost 400 “likes” and 160 comments when other Facebook users shared their hacks.

Some suggested using makeup and nail polish remover to remove the stain.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly, regardless of whether there are any visible stains or not.

A carpet can benefit from professional cleaning once a year.

However, it can be freshened up by vacuuming twice a week and removing any notable stains as they appear.

Anyone with pets and children can clean carpets three to seven times a week.

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