Carpet cleaning tips UK: Mrs Hinch fans on how to remove carpet stains with vinegar

Ms. Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has grown in popularity by posting her favorite cleaning tips online. Your fans shared a simple trick for removing stains from a carpet.

The homeowner said, “I have a brand new, custom-made, pure wool rug (two months old). One of the dogs came into the room and peed on one of the rugs.

“I panicked how to get the stain out.”

She said that a cleaning company recommended that she use vinegar.

“The carpet company suggested 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent water and just dabbed,” the post continued.


“I’m nervous about putting anything on it, suggestions are welcome. The stain looks really dark now that it’s dried.”

Homeowners can pick up carpet stain removers at the grocery store, but using vinegar could be a cheaper option.

The post was flooded with comments as other cleaning fans shared their favorite pieces of advice.

While the Facebook user seemed nervous about vinegar, many people suggested that the cheap hack might be the best cleaning method.

A Facebook user added, “Use white vinegar and then bicarbonate soda. Let it dry and vacuum it.”

Many homeowners agreed that the simple use of vinegar might be enough to get rid of the tough stain.

Adding bicarbonate soda to the stain also speeds up the cleaning process, some suggest.

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