Carpet Cleaner in Panama City, FL is Offering a Free Disinfecting to Any Surface They Clean – Press Release

Panama City, Fla. – CCS Floor Care, a carpet cleaner in Panama City, FL, has in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of cleaning residential and commercial buildings, such as: B. cleaning parquet floors, cleaning tiles and grout, cleaning upholstery, cleaning oriental and carpets and removing stains. To help their community stay healthy, they are currently offering free disinfection on every surface they clean.

The past few months have been difficult for everyone, from abandoning annual traditions to dealing with financial burdens. Faced with these difficulties, CCS Floor would like to do everything possible to help their community. They believe the least they can do is add one more step to their cleaning process at no extra charge: disinfection.

The disinfectant used by CCS Floor Care is called Mediclean. It is a heavy duty cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant. Mediclean is registered with the EPA as a virucide, disinfectant, powdery mildew, disinfectant and fungicide, and is designed to kill anything on the surface it is placed on. It then helps to reset the viral load in the room. By using Mediclean on any surface to be cleaned, CCS Floor Care hopes to leave any office and home with confidence in the lack of nasty particles.

CCS Floor Care has experience in all areas of cleaning residential and business premises, from floor cleaning to upholstery cleaning. It is convinced that clean living or office space is important. Regular cleaning is essential for offices or other business premises so that the interior feels inviting and does not appear dirty. In living spaces, professional cleaners can help keep rooms from looking cluttered and reduce the number of dust particles lurking in the air. If you have any questions about CCS Floor Care services or would like a free quote, please call (850) 265-4204 today or visit


Further information on CCS Floor Care is available from the company here:

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