Carpet Cleaner in Panama City, FL Explains the Growing Popularity of Self-Cleaning Surfaces – Press Release

Panama City, Fla. – With the COVID-19 pandemic, new ideas were added to protect the public from the spread of germs. A carpet cleaner in Panama City, FL, discusses one of those protective tools that has grown in popularity during the pandemic.

A company called NanoTouch Materials makes self-cleaning surfaces using nanocrystal technology. When this material is exposed to light, oxidation occurs, which leads to the self-cleaning process. This special material can be attached to any high-traffic point of contact such as a door handle and becomes continuously self-cleaning throughout the day as the hands try to leave their germ-filled marks.

NanoTouch Materials was founded in 2012, but only recently have they grown dramatically and have had to expand, including replicating their manufacturing facilities, expanding their shipping activities, hiring new employees, and expanding their executive team. A major factor that led to this growth was the COVID-19 pandemic.

CCS Floor Care strives to continuously increase the popularity of this new material. In a public place, high-traffic touchpoints cannot be wiped off after every hand that touches them. Therefore, creating a way for these touchpoints to clean themselves throughout the day is a wonderful advancement in redeveloping public spaces. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is history, CCS Floor Care predicts that many of the new hygiene practices that have emerged as a result of the virus will continue, including the use of this self-cleaning material.

CCS Floor Care has been a home cleaning company in Panama City, FL for over 30 years. They use well-established, effective cleaning practices for all areas of cleaning, including carpets, tiles and grout, carpets, hardwood floors, stain removal, and restoration services. For more information or to set up a cleaning session, contact CCS Floor Care today at (850) 265-4204 or visit their website at


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