Caltrans Cleaning Up Mountain Of Trash Off Highway 108 In Sierra – CBS Sacramento

TUOLUMNE COUNTY (CBS13) – The Caltrans crews are on a mission to clear a place off Highway 108 in the Sierra that has become a garbage dump.

Caltrans crews clean up the landfill. (Photo credit: Caltrans District 10)

On Monday, workers began tackling the mountain of rubbish that had piled up along the freeway near Mono Way in Tuolumne County.

While most of the garbage was out of sight of the freeway, environmental concerns were also mounting.

Discarded appliances, car batteries, broken furniture, chemical bottles and gas cans were among the trash that had accumulated on the construction site. Rotting food also attracted rodents, crews say.

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With the help of Dillard Environmental Services and CHP, the Caltrans crews started moving the garbage away. With the landfill well beyond the highway, Caltrans says they’ll have to come back on Friday to finish the job.

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