Brook & Wilde Elite mattress review

Would you like to buy the Brook & Wilde Elite mattress? Then this is the review for you. I’ve slept on and tried a variety of mattresses to give you an accurate picture of how comfortable they are and how much support they offer – and this is one of the best I’ve tried. I also persuaded my husband Nick to take it to create a balanced view of every mattress for women (as often as the buyers) and men, persuaded friends and family to try them out, and did some semi-scientific tests to keep your mattress safe online able to buy.

I also wanted to share a feel good factor about this particular mattress that many other mattress brands don’t get often, and that means for every Brook & Wilde mattress they buy, they plant a tree to help reforest the planet. It’s these little things that can make a big difference in so many ways …

If you’re looking for the best mattress for your needs, our best tips guide (including the Brook & Wilde Elite mattress) has a wide variety to choose from – but don’t miss our in-depth reviews first.

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Brook & Wilde Elite Mattress Specifications

Type: Foam hybrid

Sizes: Single, double, king, super king.

Strength evaluation: Soft, medium or firm (we tested medium)

Costs: £ 699- £ 1,199

Who suits the Brook & Wilde Elite?

This only applies to the master bedroom. Don’t waste it on guests! Seriously, it’s perfect for anyone who values ​​their sleep.

How does the Brook & Wilde Elite sleep?

The first thing you need to know about the Brook & Wilde Elite mattress is that you can choose the firmness. That may not sound like revolutionary, but in the one size fits all memory foam industry, it’s as rare as chicken teeth. In fact, we can’t think of any other company in this sector that takes into account the reality that everyone is different. I chose a medium because we are of average weight / height and suffer from Goldilock syndrome, meaning we like things that are not too soft and not too hard. And I’m not just talking about mattresses … we think the same way about meringue and our tennis serve (let your thoughts out of the gutter!).

The second thing you need to know is that this mattress is called Elite for a reason and that was evident from the moment it arrived. Once the mattress was released from its vacuum-sealed pouch, it inflated very quickly, much faster than any other memory foam I’ve tested. Some can take up to 10 hours, but the elite were good at walking in three. Great news when you can’t be home for a morning delivery and / or have nowhere else to sleep until it’s ready.

At 28 cm deep, the Elite is also much thicker than most other memory foams. This makes it feel more luxurious from the first stroke. Plus, older people like Nick have no problem getting out of bed in the morning! Our first night was a complete success; No disturbances, no overheating and no back and forth to feel comfortable. I especially enjoyed the feeling of softness the first time you lay down (some memory foam may take a few minutes) but not that much does your spine start to hurt.

We don’t have to dwell on the subject of strength for too long as our tame testers (three men, three women, between 10 and 17 stone) agreed with unprecedented unanimity [pic 1] that it is actually a medium mattress – Phew! A note: if you happen to have ordered the wrong strength, Brook & Wilde will endeavor to exchange it for a different comfort level. So there is no need to lose sleep worrying which one to order when you are on the fence.

Brook & Wilde mattress test

(Photo credit: Linda Clayton)

On the subject of supporting our highly scientific, world-famous (ahem) weight test [pic 2 and 3] There was only a 1 cm difference in the sink levels between the edge and the center of the mattress. In short, this means that you can expect fairly even support on the mattress. The depression was between 8 and 9 cm, which is quite high compared to a pocket spring mattress. However, on memory foam, all of this is good news and indicates that there is a hearty piece of foam inside – yay.

Brook & Wilde mattress weight test

(Photo credit: Linda Clayton)

Brook & Wilde mattress weight test

(Photo credit: Linda Clayton)

Posture is (probably) the most important test of my own as it gives a reasonable indication of the alignment of the spine [pic 4]. Sleep experts agree (ask one of them) that the hips and shoulders should be supported so that the spine stays straight, especially if you sleep on your side. Our laser level shows that the elite are doing an admirable job. Nick’s spine rises a little at his shoulders, but then his shoulders are exceptionally broad (and he does a manual job so his arms aren’t too thin either). All in all, we found the support really good and no pain after testing this mattress for two weeks.

Brook & Wilde posture test

(Photo credit: Linda Clayton)

How does the Brook & Wilde Elite rate online?

This is a fairly new brand of mattress (founded in 2018) so there aren’t many customer reviews for this particular mattress yet. There are some product test reviews from other online media, all of which are very cheap, but none as detailed as you can find them here at, obvs! However, Brook & Wilde as a company is very popular. On TrustPilot, the company rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 127 customer reviews. The general consensus is that customer service is top notch – much admiration for Zach in customer service – and everyone but none loves their mattress, whether it’s the elite or the slightly cheaper Lux of the company. One reviewer hit the nail on the head with, “There’s a lot of competition in this market, but Brook & Wilde are definitely the top of the tree.”


Brook & Wilde Elite mattress

(Photo credit: Brook & Wilde)

The elite mattress is made up of no fewer than eight layers. Starting at the top there is a removable cover (washable at 30 degrees) that is so soft and pleasant to the touch. Next up is a new memory foam protector for me that “allows the top cover to move freely while ensuring that the first memory foam layer works independently”. The idea is that there is no friction between the two so the foam is more reactive. Shift three is about coolness, or rather temperature regulation, which I noticed (no sweat for two weeks = bliss) and which contains a refreshing natural balm to support a restful sleep (I can’t say I smelled that ). The fourth layer is loaded with small pocket springs, 2,500 of which relieve pressure points. And then there is another layer of foam, this time sculpted in line with your shoulders to ensure excellent spine alignment. The sixth layer had 1,000 more feathers, but these are larger, meaning they are strong enough to support the layers above and bounce without wobbling from side to side. Then there is a support base to keep everything stable and finally, layer eight is a non-slip base to keep the mattress from sliding over your bed at night.

Order and delivery:

Oh my days the delivery was amazing. It’s free and fast (within 7-10 business days) and includes the Holy Grail of Services – a text message confirming your delivery date and a phone call when they’re an hour away. Not that I was ever caught in my PJs for lunch or anything. Two super polite and smiling men carried it upstairs to our bedroom, unwrapped it, rolled it onto the bed, and removed all of the wrapping. What more do you want Old mattress removal, you say? They would have done that and recycled it environmentally friendly too if I asked. Completely flawless.

What do you get for your money?

10 year guarantee and 100 night sleep attempt. If you’re not likely to do so, swap them for a mattress of a different firmness grade for free or refund you in full.

Is the Brook & Wilde Elite worth it?

In any case! It’s not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for. We slept like babies (pumped full of Calpol and Piriton – which cause drowsiness) for two weeks. If our existing mattress gives up, we’ll log into directly (I’ll wait for the sale though – Christmas was 25% cheaper – because I’m tight). I also really like that the elite are made in the UK, so they didn’t travel halfway around the world to reach us. With that in mind, Brook & Wilde plants a tree for every mattress sold (not in person, they do this through a reforestation charity) which could make me a sucker for clever marketing, but I also feel blurry inside.

The best prices for today’s Brook + Wilde Elite mattress …

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress …

Brook + Wilde Elite Double …

Brook + Wilde Elite King …

Brook + Wilde Elite Super …

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