Brazilian Londoner stuck in Heathrow hotel quarantine with ‘stained mattress’ and ‘inedible’ food

Brazilian Londoner Islaine Ribeiro returned from visiting her family in Brazil and was aware of the need to quarantine in a hotel.

What she wasn’t prepared for, however, was the “bad experience” she would have in a room that smells like cigarettes, has unidentifiable stains on the bedding, and has “awful” food.

Islaine, 45, lives in Barbican in central London, but was forced to quarantine for 10 days in a government-assigned hotel upon her return from Brazil as per Covid’s travel regulations.

She has been in Brazil since before the new travel rules went into effect.

Islaine was returning with her niece, so they paid £ 2,400 for a hotel room to share. If they had stayed separate the quarantine bill would have been £ 1,750 each.

45-year-old Londoner Islaine Ribeiro pays £ 2,400 for her 10-day quarantine at a Holiday Inn in Heathrow

They had no choice in the hotel – Islaine and her niece got the Holiday Inn, Heathrow Bath Road.

The Holiday Inn is listed on Google as a four-star hotel, but Islaine says her experience was far from luxurious.

She said, “You have no choice in the hotel, they just send you a bill for the amount you have to pay.

“I was trying to figure out which hotel to stay in because I had to let them know that I am allergic to gluten and lactose, and I also can’t stay in a small room for long because I’m claustrophobic. But I had no answer at all.

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“When I landed in Frankfurt for my connection I tried again to call and email but nothing. I tried again at Heathrow but it wasn’t until I went through immigration that I found out I was Will stay at the Holiday Inn. “

Islaine said when she got to her room she immediately noticed that it smelled like cigarettes, although smoking was not allowed in hotel rooms.

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She tried to change rooms but was told it was not possible and after much back and forth with the hotel staff she decided to just go to bed as she was tired after her long flight.

“Then they came with the food. Oh my god,” she said.

“There is no choice. This is a big problem in my case with my allergies, but the hotel staff told me there wasn’t much they could do.

“The only thing they send me is tuna salad, tuna salad, tuna salad – or fries. I noticed a menu they charge a fee for and they had gluten free risotto on it, but they told me they couldn’t send that to me . “

Islaine’s quarantine meal of chicken and fries

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After a few days of complaint, Islaine said that she managed to get the hotel to take proper care of her – but it was causing her a lot of stress and anger.

She said, “The food is much better now, after complaining and stressing out a lot, the kitchen now calls me every day to get the order. I explained to the chef that I don’t ask for anything special – just vegetables, meat and a carbohydrate will be perfect. “

“The only thing they send me is tuna salad, tuna salad, tuna salad – or fries.”

The next shock came when Islaine went to change the sheets on her bed. She said those in Covid quarantine will not receive housekeeping services during their stay, so they will have to change sheets themselves.

As she removed the sheets from the bedding, she noticed an unidentifiable stain on the mattress and duvet.

“I can’t tell if it’s menstruation or a food stamp,” she said.

Islaine found a stain on her hotel bed that looked like it might be menstrual blood

Islaine said the room itself is nice as the Holiday Inn is a new, modern and stylish hotel, but she is shocked at the amount she had to pay for a subpar experience.

She said that she believed that the hotel quarantine procedure should be standardized, with everyone receiving the same treatment for the same price.

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The average price for a double room at the Holiday Inn Heathrow Bath Road is currently £ 85 a night, but Islaine and her niece paid £ 240 a night.

This price includes three meals a day, safety and Covid tests, but is still well above the normal price for a hotel room.

One thing Islaine knows for sure is that she “can’t wait to get home”.

My London reached out to IHG Hotels, which own the Holiday Inn, for comment.

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