Black Friday mattress deals – the biggest and best deals for a better night’s sleep

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  • Do you usually try to avoid Black Friday? Think again if you are looking for a mattress in the market. Black Friday is the ideal time to buy the big tickets you really need, such as a new mattress.

    A good mattress is always worth the money as it can change your life! And buying one at a sizeable discount can take some of the burden off the expense.

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    Since we spend most of 16 years of our lives in bed, buying a mattress is not a time to compromise. It is important to make sure that you are really choosing the best mattress for you. Don’t go for bad quality just because it’s cheaper – there are some inexpensive mattresses out there so you don’t have to compromise even if you are on a budget.

    Get a good night’s sleep knowing that you have made a good choice and that you are making great savings with one of our Black Friday mattress offers. Many of the bestsellers are hugely discounted …

    What is the best mattress to buy in 2020?

    Our buying guide found them Overall best Emma is still Emma, ​​The Original Mattress. What we rate for its support, guarantee and cool, breathable surface. The Simba mattress also wins our Ideal Home approval for side sleepers. The recently tested original mattress from Eve was awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read our mattress buying guide to learn more about our test ratings.

    Best Early Black Friday Mattress Deals 2020 – Quick Links

    • Emma Hybrid Mattress: Enter the code BLACK35 to get a 35% discount on our favorite mattress!
    • Emma Hybrid Double Mattress: was £ 709, now £ 460.85, Emma
    • Simba Hybrid Mattresses: Sleep Well on a Simba with Savings of over £ 250!
    • Simba Hybrid Double Mattress: was £ 769, now £ 499.85, Simba
    • The Simba Hybrid King Size Mattress: was £ 869, now £ 564.85, Simba
    • The Simba Hybrid Single Mattress: was £ 569, now £ 369.85, Simba
    • Eve the original mattress: Buy the Best Buy mattress now with £ 175 off!
    • The original single mattress: was £ 429, now £ 321, Eva
    • Eve The Original King Size Mattress: was £ 799, now £ 599
    • The original UK double mattress: was £ 699, now £ 524, Eve
    • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: Buy now with £ 100 off all sizes
    • Nectar Memory Foam Single Mattress: was £ 414, now £ 289
    • Nectar Memory Foam Double Mattress: was £ 549, now £ 424
    • Dormeo Memory Plus Roll-Up Mattress: was £ 209, now £ 169, a lot
    • SleepSoul Comfort 800 Pocket Double Mattress SAVE £ 131.70: was £ 279, now £ 148.29

    Emma Black Friday mattress deals

    Ideal Home rating: 4.5 stars out of 5. We tested Emma’s Original last year and gave it top marks, so we expected great things from its hybrid sister. At £ 519 for a single versus £ 299 for the original, this is definitely more of an investment. So we were excited to see what it offers in terms of comfort that the original doesn’t.

    The single is currently sold out, but we will check for new stock as soon as possible.

    Emma Hybrid Double Mattress: was £ 709, now £ 460.85, Emma
    Our testers found this to be a pretty solid sleep, but more supportive than rock hard. Our side sleeper definitely took a few more days to get used to the fact that it had less sag than its usual mattress, so not the best choice for those who prefer something more cloudy, while the back sleeper preferred and Die explained this afterwards old mattress now felt “too soft, too giving”. There is a test phase of 200 nights, a 10-year guarantee and a problem-free return promise.

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    Simba Black Friday mattress deals

    Simba has been participating in Black Friday for a number of years. But you know what they’re saying; “Third Time Lucky” definitely applies to this Simba mattress which is currently at an incredible discount. Today you can save over £ 200 on this different size mattress.

    Simba Hybrid Double Mattress: was £ 769, now £ 499.85, Simba
    It is called a hybrid because it brings together the best elements of mattress making and forms them in multiple layers. The top layer is a breathable sleeping surface, underneath are foam layers and Simba’s unique, patented Titan Aerocoil Spring Comfort layer.

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    The Simba Hybrid King Size Mattress: was £ 869, now £ 564.85
    The same science, but in a more generous size. A satisfied customer says: “I’ve slept so well since I got this mattress. Helped with shoulder and back pain. Would recommend to anyone who sleeps on their side who has shoulder pain. ‘
    So, if you are facing similar problems or are simply looking for a more comfortable mattress, Simba may be the right choice for you.

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    The Simba Hybrid Single Mattress: was £ 569, now £ 369.85
    All of science, just smaller. Treat single beds with the same quality to experience gravity-resistant comfort with the unique, patented titanium Aerocoil spring comfort layer made of titanium. 90 cm x 190 cm.

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    The Simba Hybrid was awarded Ideal Home rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars in our best buying guide for mattresses.

    Our experienced tester Ysanne says: ‘The Simba Hybrid Pro consists of six layers, all of which are surrounded by a soft, breathable sleeping surface. A number of things differentiate the Simba from other hybrids. First two layers of patented miQro coils, which are arranged between high-resolution edge support foam and an open-cell foam layer. Second, under the soft outer shell there is a natural, temperature-regulating British wool layer that wicks away night sweat. ‘

    The soft outer shell offered a lot of resilience, but the springs underneath made for a sleeping experience that cushioned and supported both the back and shoulders. The Simba Sleep app, which you can download to your smartphone, is a nice companion. It’s a tracker to help you discover your sleeping style – our testers have been Night Owl and Sleep Master since you asked – and offers tips on how to improve your night that are tailored to your sleeping habits. ‘

    Eve Black Friday mattress deals

    With an ideal rating for your home: 4.5 out of 5 stars in our buying guide for mattresses and which ones? Best Buy – This mattress changes both the way you sleep and the style of your bedroom. While we’re waiting for Black Friday deals, you can save 15%. Visit the website to find out how.

    The original single mattress: was £ 429, now £ 321, Eva
    With 24 cm and 3 layers of breathable next-generation foam and unique contour zones, you are guaranteed a restful sleep. Save £ 108 on a single 90cm by 190cm mattress this Black Friday.

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    Eve The Original Small Double Mattress: was £ 629, now £ 471
    The small double size, also known as the three-quarter bed, is ideal for growing children. It is larger than a single piece, but smaller than a double bed and measures 120 x 190 cm.

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    Eve The Original King Size Mattress: was £ 799, now £ 599
    It’s just bigger than the original mattress. In size, but hardly in price! Save £ 200 on Black Friday’s best-selling king-size mattress.

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    Make upgrading to a new mattress a breeze with Eve’s old mattress removal and recycling service. When you check out, simply choose “Deliver, Remove and Recycle”.

    Nectar Black Friday mattress deals

    Nectar mattresses belong to the new-age mattress-in-a-box era. Like others, this well-known brand has a good reputation. That speaks for itself. Customers give it an excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 7,199 reviews on Trustpiolet

    Nectar Memory Foam Single Mattress: was £ 414, now £ 289
    This Black Friday, in addition to the mattress, you get two premium pillows (usually worth £ 70) for free when you buy a mattress of any size! And with free shipping, you get quite a deal!

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    Nectar Memory Foam Double Mattress: was £ 549, now £ 424
    But let’s talk about the mattress itself. With a thickness of 25 cm, the premium mattress made of medium-density memory foam by Nectar both takes the shape of your body and keeps you cool all the time.

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    Nectar prides itself on the fact that this mattress fits on any bed frame. Whether it has an adjustable or divan base, has a slat, or has a platform base, Nectar’s jewel in the crown fits right into your bed frame.

    Wayfair Black Friday mattress deals

    Silentnight Mirapocket 1200 Eco Comfort Pocket Jump Mattress: was £ 389.99, now £ 339.99
    This Silentnight Mirapocket has 1200 individually responsive pocket springs, meaning each one reacts independently to the weight and offers a zone above the mattress that has been scientifically proven to provide excellent spine alignment and body support.

    Show deal Black Friday Deals

    Many leading brands such as Casper and Silentnight are available at discounted prices at this popular, trusted online retailer.

    SleepSoul Comfort 800 Pocket Double Mattress SAVE £ 131.70: was £ 279, now £ 148.29
    Save significantly when you buy this comfortable foam spring mattress 800. Also available in small double, single and king size sizes.

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    Very Black Friday mattress deals

    Dormeo Memory Plus Roll-Up Mattress: was £ 209, now £ 169, a lot
    For those who like medium / firm mattresses this might be a dream for you. The Dormeo Memory Plus mattress is strong enough to support the heavier areas of the body while remaining perfectly elastic. The elasticity is achieved by a layer of Ecocell, which offers additional support and comfort. Ecocell is a patented 3D open cell structure that was developed for collaboration with Dormeo Memory Foam.

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