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Bennington Furniture’s sign is being replaced in Pittsfield.

Bennington furniture turns to old bricks

Bennington Furniture of Vermont acquired Old Brick Furniture Co. of Albany, NY, and adopts the name Old Brick. Bennington Furniture has six locations including one in Pittsfield in the Allendale Shopping Center and Old Brick with two stores in the Albany area.

The purchase was made last fall and the merger of the stores began in January. Both companies have been family-owned for three to four decades. The newly merged company says staff and service will remain the same, including Bennington Custom, the store’s customer furniture line. However, the two chains will merge products, and Bennington furniture stores are holding a sell-off to make room.

Greylock Federal move

Greylock Federal Credit Union is moving its Stop & Shop Plaza office on Merrill Road in Pittsfield to Allendale Shopping Center, less than half a mile away.

“This new location is a one-stop shop for our members,” said John L. Bissell, President and CEO. “It will be a full-service branch with direct access to Greylock Insurance Agency, Greylock Investment Group and many other credit union employees that members may need to access for more complex transactions.”

The new branch will be built on the existing site that houses the credit unions and an office of the Greylock Insurance Agency. Bissell said there is room for a new and improved branch with an ATM. The move will take place this spring.

“We thought about moving for a while, and with our lease at the Merrill Road site ending soon, it only made sense to do so now,” he said. “We also strive to be good stewards of our members’ money. This new location helps us improve the comfort of our members while also saving money by not having two facilities in the same general neighborhood.”

Eversource warns of fraud

Some of the energy company’s customers have had reports of someone using the name of a real Eversource employee and offering a discount on their electricity bill. Others have reported receiving an email with the Eversource logo on it.

“Scammers are constantly changing their tactics to take advantage of unsuspecting customers, so we’re always working to raise awareness,” said Penni Conner, senior vice president and chief customer officer, Eversource. “If you get an email, phone call, or visit at your doorstep and it doesn’t feel right, don’t panic and don’t pay. We’ll never threaten to disconnect your service or demand immediate payment.”

Scammers often target the most vulnerable, including the elderly and low-income communities. They also create panic for business owners and even large manufacturers, threatening to disrupt their most critical hours of operation.

The energy company offers the following tips to avoid sacrifice:

  • Eversource representatives never require immediate payment over the phone, require the use of prepaid debit cards, or require customers to meet at a payment center to make payment.

  • Never give out personal financial or account information to an unwanted person on the phone, at the door, or online, even if they appear legitimate.

  • Beware – some sophisticated scammers can tamper with their Caller ID to say the caller is with Eversource.

  • Customers who plan to break up due to non-payment will receive a written notice with information on how to maintain their service.

  • Customers can verify that they are speaking to an Eversource representative by requesting some basic information about their account, such as: B. The name on the account, the account address and the exact overdue balance.

Customers should call 1-800-592-2000 when they receive a call, email, or when someone shows up at your door to check if it’s Eversource. More information is available at

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