Best Way to Remove Ring Stains on Wooden Furniture

I haven’t always looked after wood the way I should. My mom is still upset that I stuck a fork in her new kitchen table ten years ago. But as I got older I learned to appreciate, care for and even respect wood. It is important. The wood has no one to stand up for itself. And so in the past I thought there was no way to get rid of the ring from my favorite bowl or my sweaty water bottle. I thought the entire piece of furniture was ruined forever, and from then on I’d have to live with a ring-worn coffee table or console. And then I came across something that revolutionized my relationship with wood.

I’m not saying all of a sudden you should randomly put your glasses off without a coaster, but now if you accidentally do it, your furniture won’t be permanently ruined. These watermark removal wipes are like screen wipes but are specifically designed for wood. Inside the package is a reusable 4 “x 5” cloth that is treated with a magical wonder substance. Just rub it in the direction of the wood grain where there is a water ring and the ring will go away. It may take a little elbow grease, but there is no more satisfying feeling than watching a ring fade from before your eyes.

While the cloth is reusable, I recommend getting more than one. You never know when a wood stain will appear and it is best not to wait. With this cloth you don’t have to worry about your wooden furniture. That is, unless someone sticks a fork in it. This cloth cannot solve that.

Guardsman watermark remove fabric

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