Berea will switch to new trash hauler in the fall

BEREA, Ohio – Berea will be switching to a new garbage truck starting September.

Kimball Waste and Recycling Services has been awarded a multi-year contract after submitting the lowest bid. Republic Services is the city’s current provider.

Paul Anzalone, director of the Berea Public Service, shared the details with the city council during its March 23 meeting, which was held via videoconference.

The garbage transportation option that comes into effect this fall is automated solid waste collection and recycling, which Anzalone says is “identical to what we currently have”.

“We will be reverting to a weekly mass garbage collection. If your trash can is full, you can bring out extra garbage bags each week for the mass garbage to be collected,” he said. “We will also carry out a multi-day collection. Your garbage collection can take place on any weekday from Monday to Friday, depending on the routing system itself.”

Garden waste is collected as bulk trash and not recycled year round, Anzalone said.

“There is a massive difference in cost,” he explained. “It was beneficial for the city to allow gardening to be collected, but to go to the landfill. We think this is best for the city for at least the first five years, with three option years.”

The annual cost of Berea for the first five years is $ 1.35 million each.

Residents may receive a letter in June detailing the move from the republic to Kimball, Anzalone said. He said the republic would pick up current household garbage trucks before the republic’s treaty expires in late August.

Councilor Jim Maxwell said he was not optimistic the republic would do this, calling it “a logistical nightmare” for the company. He asked Anzalone if there was a “Plan B” for the Republic to give up the carts.

“We have to work out a Plan B in advance anyway,” Anzalone replied. “The Republic has 13,000 cans in town and they are the responsibility of the Republic. It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in cans so I would imagine they want their fortune one way or another. I can’t believe that they would leave money behind if you could reuse them in other communities as replacements. “

He added that the city’s ultimate goal is to make the switch to garbage transportation “as seamless as possible for residents”.

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