Berea will seek bids for new trash hauling contract

BEREA, Ohio – Berea will solicit bids for a new citywide contract for the transportation of solid waste and recycling of residential buildings. This came after efforts to either take on another city’s contract or create a local consortium with neighboring communities were unsuccessful.

The city’s current Republic Services contract expires on August 31. Residents are not charged a fee for collecting and disposing of garbage.

Some of the 16 combinations of garbage collection methods were discussed on January 31st during Mayor Cyril Kleem’s meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on Garbage and Recycling. An initial contract term of five years with three extension options of one year is specified in the offer documents.

An estimated 7,255 tons of garbage and recyclables are collected in 6,500 Berea houses every year.

“We also tried to do this ourselves,” said Kleem of the garbage disposal. Paul Anzalone, Director of Public Services, added that this was not beneficial as “a brand new fleet of 4 to 5 trucks would cost.” $ 350,000 or more each, and then you still have tip, maintenance, additional insurance, and recycling costs would be much higher than if a carrier did this for you. “

The city’s annual garbage haulage cost is approximately $ 1 million. Officials believe Republic Services, Rumpke and Kimble will be making bids. The offer documents contain various combinations of manual and automated waste transport, collection of recyclable materials, bulk collection and disposal of garden waste.

“We’re looking at multi-day, one-day waste with and without garden waste, and weekly and monthly bulk pickups,” Anzalone said of the pricing options. “It will be a purely manual collection or a manual garbage disposal with automated recycling or an automated (garbage) -automatized (recycling).”

Kleem emphasized that despite the rising industry-wide costs for garbage collection, the city still does not want to levy any fees for garbage collection.

“We have a lot of different options and options,” Anzalone said of the tender process. “Once we have everything tabulated, we can quickly go through it and give an award if it looks like it is a different carrier (i.e. if it is not a republic).”

The committee members will meet again with Kleem and Anzalone after the offers have been received. The city council is then asked to pass laws to execute a new contract.

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