Bedding Company Parachute Unveils Its First Mattress

The modern lifestyle brand Parachute enters the mattress market with the introduction of their first bed.

Parachute hit the stage in 2014 and quickly grew into a respected online bathroom and bed brand, ranging from comforters and bath towels to home decor, pet beds and laundry detergents. The team expanded into retail in 2016 and opened their first store in Venice, California. Since then, four more stores have opened in California, Oregon and New York.

After conquering bedding and linens, the team decided to develop their own bed to round off the sleeping experience for customers. The top layers of the mattress (yep, that’s the name) are made of New Zealand wool and 100% organic cotton, while below deck there is a hand-tufted steel coil system with pockets, which is equipped with targeted ergonomic zones to relieve pressure points and align the spine . An added bonus? All materials used in the 13 inch high mattress are environmentally friendly and non-toxic

When developing the bed, CEO Ariel Kaye said the team first made a list of things it shouldn’t include, like foam, adhesives, petrochemicals, and chemical flame retardants. In their words, they only wanted “high quality materials that everyone can understand”.

Wait, foam-free ?!

Given how popular foam and hybrid beds have become in recent years, I was curious to know why Parachute purposely kept foam out of sight. Kaye explains that in her team’s opinion, foam and latex mattresses “tend to degrade, change, and provide less support in just a few years,” while the inner coils and soft wool of the parachute mattress are said to be more breathable and durable Sleep experience.

In another attempt to differentiate the mattress in a crowded industry, Parachute also offers free white glove delivery, including setting up and removing the old mattress. Right now, you can buy The Mattress in the adjacent 48 states, enjoy a 90-night sleep sample, and receive a 10-year limited warranty. It fits most bed frames and comes in a variety of sizes, priced between $ 1,299 and $ 2,199.

While the Parachute team looked a little nervous about the future, they announced that 2019 would include new product categories and retail locations. We’ll be on guard so you can be the first to hear about the next big thing about Parachute.

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