Avocado Latex Mattress review: save the planet while you’re sleeping in

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Welcome to the T3 Avocado Green latex mattress review. If you’re looking for a responsible, eco-friendly option, Avocado Green may be the best mattress for you. More and more mattress manufacturers are using different methods to make their products more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some do the bare minimum of using only non-toxic materials and treatments, while a handful of others go above and beyond. Avocado belongs in the latter camp. This (surprise, surprise) California-based green company, which already has a below-average carbon footprint, is offset by support for carbon offset projects. This makes it one of the few manufacturers who are actually CO2-negative.

And as the newest – or rather latex – product, the avocado latex mattress doesn’t fall far from the tree. This fully biodegradable, non-toxic mattress already has a long list of awards, from GOTS Organic and GREENGUARD Gold certification to Standard 100 certification according to OEKO-TEX. Buying such a product will therefore reduce your carbon footprint, which is appealing to consumers who are concerned about their individual impact on the environment (as we all should be).

However, all of these certifications don’t add up too much if the avocado latex mattress isn’t comfortable to sleep in. Does it deliver that cozy, dreamy sleep we all need? Well that depends on the type of sleeper you are. Read on for our full Avocado Latex Mattress Review.

Avocado latex mattress rating: design

The beds in a box range from incredibly cheap to premium prices, and the avocado latex mattress is high on that order of magnitude. Fortunately, you are not paying all the money for nothing as it is not only made from high quality materials but also from sustainable sources and organically grown.

In fact, it’s Avocado’s green references that mean this mattress is a little more expensive than its competitors. After all, this is not a mass-produced item with low overheads and cheap materials. The making of these mattresses, from sources and materials to manpower, is more thoughtful overall. And by the time the use of organic materials and ethical work practices become the norm, it will result in higher costs.

Avocado latex mattress review

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The first proof of the higher workload with the Avocado latex mattress is the cotton cover, on the top of which needle-tufted rosettes are evenly distributed. These rosettes aren’t just decorative: each actually goes through the full mattress to tie the layers together, which means it’s not easy to work with by hand.

Inside are three layers of tree latex made from pure rubber sap harvested from avocado-managed latex farms and processed in an organic latex processing facility that is jointly owned by the company. The first layer is a 2-inch contoured latex for comfort, a 3-inch latex in the middle and a 4-inch latex at the base.

The top layer itself has laser cut concave peaks on its underside that act as motion transfer inhibitors, meaning that they are designed to absorb motion and minimize motion transfer. In addition, these zigzag lines provide more support for the back and relieve the main problem areas such as shoulders and hips. The top layer does this by having more densely packed waves in the middle and longer waves towards the ends.

The mattress is rounded off by the support layers made of cotton and wool, both of which are 100% GOTS organic certified and have received the STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX: Class 1 certification.

Avocado latex mattress review

(Photo credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

Since this mattress can weigh up to 185 pounds, it also has two padded handles on either side. Be warned; This is not a mattress that you want to handle on your own. Not only is it heavy, but it also lacks stiff support structures that allow it to stand on its side without support. I had made the unfortunate decision to do it myself, and by the time I realized it wasn’t going to be easy, I was already engaged. In short, it took me about 30 minutes to drag, nail, and flicker this mattress onto my bed frame. If you are not stronger than average or if you have some weightlifting skills I would find a partner to help you out.

If you need a long list of sustainable and non-toxic materials for this bed, you should check out the Avocado website. The long and short of it, however, is that this bed is completely biodegradable, completely free of toxic chemicals, and made entirely from natural, organic materials. Oh, and did we mention it’s put together in a factory that runs entirely on renewable energy and is working towards zero waste certification?

Avocado latex mattress rating: firmness and comfort

Before you hit this buy button, you should know that the avocado latex mattress is not for everyone. It is rated 7.5 on the strength scale, which means it is at the limit where it might be firm enough for some people but too firm for others. And whether or not it is for you depends largely on your height and weight, as well as your preferred sleeping position.

While I’m mostly side sleeper, I sometimes like to sleep on my back, which puts me in the perfect position to test out this mattress. And what I found is that it really isn’t the best for side sleepers. Since it’s on the firmer side, side sleepers will definitely feel a lot of pressure on their shoulders, which can lead to shoulder pain and tension around their necks the next morning.

This was certainly my experience. It also takes a while to feel comfortable on this mattress when trying to sleep on my side. I actually prefer medium-firm beds to soft beds, but the avocado latex mattress is a little too firm for me when I sleep on my side.

Avocado latex mattress review

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To honor it, it is certainly an excellent mattress for back sleepers. When I sleep on my back, it’s pretty comfortable. I don’t feel any of the usual pressure points and I also don’t feel that the lower half of the body, which sinks more than the upper half, arches uncomfortably on my back. It actually feels like my body is positioned straight with just the right amount of sink and the right amount of support.

Of course, this level of comfort depends on your weight and height. I’m on the lighter side when it comes to weight, which sure helps. However, I suspect that this mattress offers enough support for those 55 kg and more to not only give you a good night’s sleep on your back, but also to avoid back pain that you usually feel in the morning on a smaller mattress.

There is a lot of edge support here which is very nice. Those who like to sit on the edge of their beds will appreciate that there is no deep sinking here. Unfortunately, those who prefer their beds higher will be disappointed to know that they are only nine inches thick. One disadvantage of a low bed is that dirt builds up faster, especially if cats are tracking litter all over the place.

If you do not expect any transmission of motion, you will unfortunately not find this in the Avocado Latex mattress. There’s an obvious degree of motion transfer here, enough that you shouldn’t put a glass of wine next to you, even if it’s on a tray – although it may not be enough to wake you up if your partner throws himself next to him and turns you over .

Avocado Latex Mattress Rating: Price

As mentioned earlier, the avocado latex mattress is a bit more expensive than the competition. Currently only available in the US. Get $ 1,199 for a twin, $ 1,799 for a queen, and a whopping $ 2,598 for a split California king at MSRP.

Competitors like the WinkBeds EcoCloud and Awara Organic Hybrid Latex will both start at $ 999 (twin) and top at $ 1,899 and $ 1,799 for a California king, respectively. Meanwhile, a Birch Natural costs $ 1,049 for a twin, $ 1,499 for a queen, and $ 1,799 for a California king.

However, you also need to consider the company’s carbon negative footprint and massive sustainability efforts. It will never be cheap to protect the environment. At the same time, it’s not the most expensive option out there, either. Saatva’s Zenhaven Latex brings you back $ 1,399 for a twin and up to $ 2,799 if you choose the California king.

Avocado Latex Mattress Review: Delivery and Returns

Avocado offers two shipping options for orders within the continental US. Free FedEx shipping is offered on all avocado latex mattress orders for two or two people. King and California King mattresses also ship for free, although this is done through AGS, the freight forwarding service.

Since avocado mattresses are on the heavy side, the company also offers in-home deliveries that are scheduled within a four-hour period based on availability. However, this delivery service is not free and costs $ 249 per order. The good news is that the service includes “installing” your mattress and removing your old one, making it a very good business.

The Avocado latex mattress has a 365-day sleep test phase. So you have a year to decide whether or not it is right for you. However, Avocado requests a 30-day adjustment period before requesting a return. However, if your mattress is not damaged or damaged during normal use, you will not be able to start the return process for 30 days. This is because it can take some time to get used to their new mattress.

However, there are no restocking or return fees. And you have the option to donate it to audited charities and nonprofits. According to Avocado, 95% of the mattresses returned will be donated. This is in line with the brand’s sustainability efforts. Since return mattresses are never resold and only new materials are used for all products, these return mattresses are more suitable for those in need.

Avocado latex mattress review

(Photo credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

Conclusion: should I buy the avocado latex mattress?

When you read about all the eco-friendly initiatives that Avocado implements to not only produce eco-friendly products, but also to contribute to sustainability and offset the still low carbon emissions, it is difficult not to support the company and to choose its products over the competition.

This mattress is not perfect. We suspect it will be too tight for many side sleepers, it is very difficult to maneuver in place, and there is some transmission of motion. However, it offers excellent support for back and stomach sleepers. If you can afford to pay the premium for a more ethical option, the avocado latex mattress is a great option.

Today’s best avocado latex mattress deals

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