AtticMaxx Hosts “Organize Your Attic” Challenge During National Get Organized Month

Develop a system for moving items into boxes / stacks KEEP, TRASH / RECYCLE and DONATE

Often in attics there are boxes of late decisions and boxes full of treasures, including your great-grandmother’s silver or baby clothes that your college senior once wore.

Homeowners contemplating the daunting task of tidying their attic will find the encouragement and guidance they need to get their jobs done by reading the AtticMaxx ™ Shelving System blog this month. During a series of blog posts in January, AtticMaxx offers advice on tidying up and organizing attics.

According to the National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO), January is the national month of “Get Organized” (GO). GO Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of organizing and hiring a professional organizer at the start of the New Year. Since many of us have recently made trips to our attics to return the Christmas decorations, January is a good month to assess exactly what we have in our attics, what could and should happen in the attic, and how we can use the precious storage space can better use.

The “Organize Your Attic” series of blog posts provides readers with valuable professional organizational advice before they even start on the project, such as:

  • Create the rules “must keep” and “must go”
  • Gather the necessary supplies (checklist provided)
  • Develop a system for moving items into boxes / stacks KEEP, TRASH / RECYCLE and DONATE
  • Take a before picture for encouragement and a sense of accomplishment

The series also offers suggestions for managing the stress and emotions of major attic cleaning.

“The attics are often full of late decision boxes and boxes of treasure, including your great grandmother’s silver or baby clothes that were once worn by your college senior,” said Perri Kersh, professional organizer, owner of Neat Freak and member of National Association of Professional Organizers: “The emotional stress associated with the challenge of sorting through numerous boxes that have accumulated over the years can be overwhelming. Breaking the task down into manageable steps or hiring a professional for support can make the job a lot easier. “”

The final post in the “Organize Your Attic” challenge provides tips and product recommendations to help ensure your attic stays organized. It will cover the advantages of the AtticMaxx ™ shelving system. Truss racks, one of AtticMaxx’s products, easily attach to roof trusses – the triangular wooden structures used to support a sloping roof – to create vertical storage space around an attic. AtticMaxx is offering special prices for the “Get Organized” month.

In each blog post in the series, AtticMaxx invites homeowners to register their participation in the challenge by commenting on the blog or posting a comment on the AtticMaxx Facebook page. AtticMaxx will cheer for participants during the challenge, which runs until January 31st. The first three steps of the “Organize Your Attic” challenge will be published and can be found on the AtticMaxx website.

About AtticMaxx

The AtticMaxx shelving system is a unique organizational product that is attached to roof trusses. The system includes 22 “x 22” solid wood shelving with adjustable brackets and a pivoting metal bracket for practically any roof pitch. The shelves install in minutes with a screwdriver, level, and four screws, and hold up to 50 pounds each.

The AtticMaxx shelving system is a high quality, engineer tested product that is made in the USA and comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Made mostly of wood and metal – the same materials that houses were built from – the AtticMaxx shelving system is designed to withstand the hot, cold and humid conditions in the attic. Visit for more before and after pictures, testimonials, and free organization tips.

About Perri Kersh

The organization expert Perri Kersh offers simple and personalized organization solutions for your space and your life so that you can function optimally. As a professional organizer, Perri works with families, individuals, small business owners and students. She regularly writes articles for local and national publications and is regularly asked to speak at specialist and group events. She has also been recognized as a regular expert on the Fine Living Network and South African The Home Channel. Perri is a past board member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, North Carolina Chapter, and a member of NAPO. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MAEd in Counseling from Wake Forest University. Learn more about Neat Freak Professional Organizing at and follow Perri on Twitter @theneatfreak.


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