Attic fire sweeps through West Main shopping plaza – Daily Democrat

No one was injured in an early morning structural fire in Woodland.

However, at least three stores at 106 W. Main St. may be closed for some time to clean up and rebuild both structural and water damage.

The fire was reported at 1:02 a.m. on Sunday, and the crews at Woodland Fire Station # 1, which is about five blocks away, were there within minutes and saw flames rising from the roof on the southeast side of the building.

The stores are on the northwest side of the intersection of West Main and California Streets, including the Thrift Center, Zitios West, Kings Barbershop, Subway and a dental center. The Thrift Center, Zitio’s, Kings Barbershop and Subway were hardest hit.

The Dental Center did not appear to have been affected, as did the West Main Post Office, which is located on the west side of the block-sized one-story building.

Firefighters automatically called engines from Stations # 2 and # 3 and from the Willow Oak Fire Department to fight the fire.

The fire was near the origin area, which appeared to be an overhead space between the Thrift Center and Zitio, “although smoke and water damage was significant for several companies”.

The crews remained on site until approximately 6 a.m. and an investigation is ongoing.

Water was still coming from the building’s attic on Monday morning, possibly caused by a broken sprinkler system. A spokesman for the nearby subway said on Sunday that his restaurant did not suffer any major damage, despite having to shed some food.

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