Atlantic Appliance Approved for Warehouse Construction

YORKTOWN, NY – The Planning Department at its meeting on Monday July 13th approved the construction of a 45-year-old local company’s new warehouse.

Atlantic Appliance, a retail staple in Yorktown since 1975, received approval to build a two-story, 25,720-square-foot building on nearly 5 acres of land on Maple Hill St. in 2010. It is from its current location located across the street at 50 Triangle Center and will be preschool next to the Yorktown Post Office and Sunshine Starts.

The new building will include retail, office and storage space for its 30 employees, as well as Yorktown’s first “green roof,” a green roof that will help reduce rainwater runoff, energy consumption and the “heat island effect”. The heat island effect or urban heat island is an urban or metropolitan area that is warmer than surrounding areas due to human activity.

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Further environmental protection measures are included in the property design, e.g. B. A rainwater treatment plan that includes diverting runoff into a treatment basin prior to discharge into Hallocks Mill Brook, removing invasive species such as reeds and dead trees in wetlands, and draining debris such as shopping carts and garden chairs that have overflowed the creek have polluted.

More than 120 trees will be removed from the main property to make room for the building structure. However, as per the city’s tree ordinance, developer Site Design Consultants agreed to plant 107 new trees and plant 122 shrubs in the wetland buffer and include them in the site’s landscaping. Between the two parcels of 4.6 hectares, only 1.5 hectares of trees are felled where the building is located. The 3.1 acre property is not disturbed other than mitigation and restoration. Deer will be fenced in around the area for three years to protect the new trees and bushes as they grow.

Many local residents had problems removing the large number of trees at the public hearing on the project at the final planning authority meeting on Monday June 22nd.

At the July 13 meeting, the chairman of the planning committee, Richard Fon, read a letter from resident Linda Miller. The letter was submitted within the 10-day open comment period following the public hearing.

In the letter, Miller questions the mitigation plans, accusing the planning authority of accepting wetland mitigation as both a dual wetland and tree mitigation plan.

However, John Kinkart, a member of the planning committee, said the committee had thoroughly examined the mitigation plans and believed Steve Marino of Site Design Consultants, the project’s design team, had raised concerns about the wetlands and trees on the property. He later added that the measures to improve aspects of the area far outweigh the loss of 1.5 hectares [of trees] “This is between two commercial buildings on an entire strip, across from one of the largest downtown developments” in Yorktown.

Planning committee member Aaron Bock added that he found the mitigation plan overall satisfactory as it could offset the loss of trees and forest on the site in a number of ways.

Joey Vukaj, owner of Atlantic Appliance, said the reason for the new location is increased demand. He added that while the company has outgrown its current location, it wouldn’t be thinking of relocating anywhere other than Yorktown.

“It would be like the Yankees moving out of the Bronx,” said Vukaj. “The new business will be bigger and a lot nicer.”

He hopes the new store will open for Labor Day 2021 and expects to open a satellite store in Mount Kisco later this year.

Supervisor Matt Slater, who is a member of the planning agency, said the city is thrilled that the local company has decided to invest and expand in Yorktown.

“As Yorktown emerges from the pandemic, we are determined to make our community a business-friendly choice for local businesses and newbies,” said Slater. “Our commitment to revitalizing Yorktown includes pre-application meetings with business owners, expedited permitting processes, and ongoing land use modernization to meet the needs of businesses, consumers, and residents of the 21st century.”

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