Appliance stores experience shortage of items, parts


Devices are currently in great demand, but also very scarce.

“The main reason is that certain appliance parts are made by a handful of manufacturers overseas, particularly in Asia,” said Jon Gadbois, vice president of marketing for Furniture and Appliance Mart.

Parts made overseas are hard to come by. Parts like magnetron tubes for microwaves and compressors for refrigerators and freezers are difficult to stock for stores.

“The lack of availability of these parts causes the supply chain to become very disrupted,” added Gadbois.

The effects of malfunctions at parts manufacturers can now be seen in retail stores here in Wisconsin.

“These refrigerators contain hundreds of parts. If you have one part short, you may not be able to operate this refrigerator. So that’s part of the supply problem, ”said Grebes President Roger Grebe.

At the moment Grebe’s has seen a very high increase in purchases of items such as refrigerators and freezers. Temperature control items like dehumidifiers and air conditioners sell so quickly that the store doesn’t have time to unpack them.

“It doesn’t look neat, but it’s because they get in and out quickly. It’s not worth unpacking, ”Grebe said.

Experts say buying it is the smartest move right now as it’s not clear when the delays will end. But if someone wants to buy now and avoid the wait, Gadbois and Grebe say to buy from stores that have good relationships with manufacturers.

“Shopping from independent retailers who have a good relationship with the manufacturer can be really beneficial right now,” said Gadbois.

“We have been with General Electric for 52 years. Sometimes when things get tough they take care of us, ”Grebe added.

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