Alhambra promises to put next trash hauling contract out to bid – Pasadena Star News

After a decade of no competition for urban rubbish haulage, the Alhambra promised to put its next contract through a tender process to ensure the city gets the most services at the price its residents pay.

Alhambra entered into its current contract with Republic Services on April 1, 2010 for the disposal of household waste and will expire on March 31, 2020. With the city’s commercial waste disposal contract expiring on June 30, 2021, the city council unanimously voted with Councilor Katherine ab Lee on Monday to extend his housing contract with the republic for 15 months to match the two contract end dates.

To the delight of many residents present, the city council also voted unanimously to forego negotiating with the republic on the next contracts and instead to open a tendering process known as the call for proposals through which garbage haulage companies can submit their proposals for services and set their lowest price.

“Any sane person would open it to other vendors when they got a $ 50 million contract,” said resident Michael Lawrence. “It seems like a no-brainer.”

Participants in Monday’s meeting also fined the republic for donating $ 1,000 each to the campaigns of councilors Jeff Maloney and David Mejia. Aspersions for accepting donations were also given to the two council members.

Maloney and Mejia were previously criticized for accepting campaign donations from real estate developers, including one charged with paying bribes to a Los Angeles County employee.

While the campaign contributions may be legal, said Sean McMorris, a San Gabriel resident, said they are not ethical.

“Republic, why are you meddling in local elections,” McMorris said. “Stay out of it. Win this contract on your merit without smearing your palms.”

McMorris urged Maloney and Mejia to back out of all decisions regarding the Republic. Neither did it.

However, Maloney advocated participating in tenders regardless of how well the republic had done during the duration of their last contract.

“Personally, I have no problem with the service we received and we have seen a lot of people who value this company’s relationship with the city,” said Maloney. “But I will always lean towards an open RFP (Request for Proposal) process.”

Mayor Adele Andrade-Stadler initially suggested that the city try to negotiate with the republic and only come to a tender process if the negotiations went badly. However, her request did not receive a second from the rest of the city council and died as a result.

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