AG Shapiro’s Office fines junk removal company for lying about mattress disposal practices | Business

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced on Wednesday that his office had discontinued misleading marketing techniques for a Georgia-based garbage disposal company.

Load-Up Technologies LLC., Operating as Mattress Disposal Plus, said it has helped customers dispose of old mattresses “green” or “environmentally friendly”. But instead of recycling, restoring, or donating them, the company simply dumped them in landfills, according to Shapiro.

In a voluntary compliance pledge filed with the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Load-Up Technologies, LLC pledged to stop advising customers that environmentally friendly methods are being used to dispose of mattresses.

The reassurance comes after an investigation by the attorney general reveals the company’s true disposal method.

“This company has not only undermined other Pennsylvania companies that are truly environmentally conscious, but has also sought to mitigate the blow to affected consumers through misleading marketing practices,” said Attorney General Shapiro.

The AVC requires Mattress Disposal Plus to pay civil penalties and costs to the Commonwealth, and to make a nonprofit contribution of $ 3,000 to a nonprofit whose mission is to promote and facilitate the recycling and donation of mattresses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania includes.

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