A Local Veteran Owned Company Helping You Clear Out Your Junk

During the pandemic, did you tidy your home and realize you had excess trash? If you have things lying around that need to be removed but you don’t want them to go to a landfill, then you need to call the camo crew!

Camo Crew keeps items out of the landfill by reusing, reusing, recycling and donating any unwanted items they remove. From a single item in your basement, like an unwanted freezer, to cleaning an entire house, Camo Crew can do any job! Josh Helm, the owner of the Camo Crew, comes to us today to speak about how he and his friendly veteran team can help you clean up your unwanted items.

Camo Crew is offering a 10% discount to any military veteran who needs to remove trash. Call them at 414-420-CAMO (2266) or visit www.camocrew.us

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