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5 Must-Visit City Parks in the Indianapolis Area

Sep 28

What a great way to celebrate Independence Day in Indianapolis, you can enjoy all of the sights and sounds of Indianapolis during your trip to the city parks. The sixty-day celebration is divided into two sections namely the National City Parks and the Indianapolis Zoo. Both of these destinations boast several spectacular natural attractions that attract people from near and far. The gardens of Bloomington University are one of the highlights for those who want to get away from it all. The university's botanical garden will give you an up close look at some of nature's most amazing creations.


You can take in the beautiful flowers that bloom throughout the season and admire the breathtaking view from the comfort of your hotel balcony while watching the sun go down over the horizon. When visiting the Indianapolis Zoo, you'll be able to see footprints from our own horses and learn about the Indiana wildlife and plants of the area. This park has also been a venue for some of the best musical performances in history. The concerts are scheduled on a regular basis and you will enjoy the sounds of jazz, blues, gospel, pop and a variety of other music genres. Don't worry about food, since there is plenty to eat and drink outside as well as inside the park.


One of the most visited destinations in the Indianapolis area is the Indianapolis Zoo. It is located in the city parks and is managed by the city parks department. There are several different sections for the visitor to explore including the grounds, live animals, zoo shops, waterfalls and many other interactive features. The zoo also hosts several events each year such as the Butterfly Garden Show which brings in visitors from all over the world. You might want to visit the Indianapolis Zoo while you're there during the spring or fall months because it is one of the most beautiful sites during this time.


If you are looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy some scenery then the Indianapolis Zoo is the place to go. You can spend a quiet day or entire evening admiring the various animals and plants. Children especially love the Jungle Island exhibit since they get to feed monkeys that inhabit the jungle in large part of the zoo. However, admission is free to enter the park. Other Indiana city parks also host special events such as nature walks and garden festivals that attract nature lovers and professionals alike.


The Indianapolis Zoo has two separate areas for children and one for adults. The Natural History Museum is housed in the historic Belleview neighborhood, which is located in the City Park area. Here you'll see dinosaur gardens, early American settlements, early wildlife life and a variety of displays about the natural world around us. Several gardens offer a peek at the history of mankind as well as many interactive exhibits.


The Indianapolis Zoo's Children's Garden is filled with interactive activities including rock walls, climbing walls and wagon rides. The garden offers a range of gardens including evergreen trees, flowers, fruit trees, fountains, ponds and flowing streams. The children can take part in the five-acre "kid friendly" garden and learn about nature by playing on swings and other toys. Attractions include a petting zoo, a bridge that stretches across the pond and several pavilions that are covered with live plants.


The Indianapolis Zoo also hosts several garden events throughout the year including a fruit garden that is presented in the spring. This garden also features many interactive features that educate children. The zoo has a Nature Trail, where visitors can walk through the grounds as well as see several exhibits such as a bird house, lizard cage and squirrel fort. There is also the Insect Trail that gives an explanation as to how different insects makes us happy and safe. Other attractions include the Marion Zoo Path, the butterfly garden and the Animal Habitat where visitors can pet butterflies and look at a wide range of critters.


To view other attractions in the area visit City Parks. The parks are also a great place for people who want to get some exercise while touring the city. Many of the gardens also offer tours of various gardens. City parks are a great way to go on a day trip without spending much money. They offer beautiful scenery and wonderful attractions at a reasonable cost.




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