5 Best Mattress For Tesla In 2021

If you enjoy taking long journeys in your vehicle, then you would love these mattresses for models Y, 3, X and other vehicles. These mattresses allow you to sleep in the back of your vehicle with the comfort of a hotel. No need to show you a video as these mattresses are easy to use and have lots of recommendations from users in the US, UK and around the world.

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The best Tesla mattress

Whether you have a Model Y or another model, these mattresses come with their own travel pillows for your convenience. These mattresses are just the right size for every vehicle. The mattresses work with any car and can be used in multiple vehicles with enough back space.

1). Car air mattress for Tesla Model 3,Y, S.

This is one of the best memory foam mattresses for the Tesla and it is such a good design that it is recommended for the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model Y, Model X 5. This is especially true for almost all cars, SUVs with folding seats. We love this memory foam because of the high quality, non-toxic, odorless, breathable and washable material that was used for the Tesla bed materials.

The surface of this car camping bed feels like leather. This is used to ensure the comfort and durability of the bedding material. This Tesla sleeper bed is uniquely designed and has some of the best practices. The finished design of this car camping bed has an excellent design and makes road trips the best feeling you can ever have.

This Tesla bedding is great for camping, festivals, travel and adventure. The beauty of it is that like the Oeko Tex Company memory foam mattress, this auto air sleep unit can be used on your Tesla Model 3, Y, S and any other cars you may have.

This is an inflatable mattress that is made of a flat, wide, soft and comfortable material. They are great for outdoor activities that allow family members (the elderly, children, etc.) to rest temporarily. Your tired child or the older child can enjoy a good dream with this sleep set.

While this bed material is a good option for people who need a comfortable environment to sleep in when traveling with their Tesla models, this sleeping set is such a good material that a romantic space can be created for couples.

The memory foam mattress is very strong and durable. It can support any weight up to 260 kg. One thing about this bed is that you can fold it up easily and simply store it in your Tesla tote bag and put it in your trunk. This mattress is an inflatable option. Once you inflate it, it will only hold air for about 10 hours. After that, it must be re-inflated for another 10 hours.


  • An inflatable Tesla bed has a soft feel.
  • Requires little storage space.
  • Strong, durable and good capacity.
  • Good for romantic couples.


  • Must be inflated every 10 hours.
  • Prone to breakdowns during use.

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2). Tesla Home Car Air Bed Inflatable Mattress for Camping

We love to love this TeslaHome inflatable air mattress because it can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use this for camping, travel, or just long road trips and many more activities. This option was developed for different versions of the Tesla such as the S mode, the Model 3 and the Model X. It can be used for all cars or SUVs that only have 5 seats. This is a great way to spend the night.

This variant is supplied with a material that is friction-resistant and moisture-resistant. We tried it too and love the product’s improved shock resistance. You would love this TeslaHome foam for camping, festivals, travel, and any other exciting adventure. These mattresses are supplied with a microfiber foam cover.


  • This is an inflatable mattress with a flat, wide and comfortable place to sleep on long journeys.
  • This material is made with a high quality and heavy duty PVC material.
  • The bedding material is strong and durable
  • Can support people with a total weight of 260 kg.


Needs to be inflated every time you need to sleep on long trips.

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3). BASENOR Tesla car inflatable air mattress portable

This is one of the inflatable mattress products that users can use to sleep comfortably in their Tesla cars. This is a custom option. What sets this version apart is the fact that the bed material has been specially tailored for Tesla. This means that owners of the Tesla models are like Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

This is a flockable inflatable mattress made from a reinforced PVC material which is also of high quality. This flocking material is skin-friendly and also environmentally friendly. The material is also easy to use. All you have to do is unpack it from the carrying case, take out the car’s electric charge pump, and pump the air mattress.

The pumping action of this air mattress is very quick and easy. The mattress has an equally quick emptying function, with which you can quickly pack, stow in your trunk and drive off.

This Tesla automatic mat can be used for various purposes and is great for camping, road trips, hiking, parties and other festivals. You would also love the fact that this bed unit comes with essential accessories for your car. Whether you have a model 3, a model Y, a model S or a model X, with this mattress you get excellent accessories.


  • Made from super durable and high quality material.
  • Fast inflate and deflate function.
  • User friendly.
  • Can be used for various purposes other than just taking a nap.


  • Can be easily damaged.
  • Needs to be inflated every day when you go camping.

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4). TESMAT mattress & carrier bag

This is a mattress that is suitable for a wide variety of purposes. This Tesmat option is made by Tesmat, a household name in making accessories for the Tesla EV. This Tesmat mattress can be used when you want to charge your car with a compressor and relax.

We love this TESMAT mattress and carry bag because the design is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Y. This option is an extremely comfortable memory foam mattress to give users the best sleep experience. We love the fact that the mattress is also packed with ultra-soft mattress covers. These ultra-soft mattress covers are easy to remove and easy to wash.

The Tesmat Sleeping Kit contains three different mats that can be unfolded to make a double size mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably on the back of your car. It comes with the right size to fit in the standard cars.

The Tesmat sleeping set comes with its own carrying bag that is the right size. The Tesmat carrying case is simply designed and made to fit neatly in the trunk of your Tesla.

We love this tesmat tote bag because it can be used comfortably for many years without deteriorating or reducing comfort. This tesmat carrying case is waterproof and insulated to keep the user cool.


  • can be set up so easily
  • Safer than a tent.
  • Can be used instead of sleeping in hotels.
  • Gives your road trips unforgettable and fun experiences.
  • Comes with some of the best pocket-friendly prices


This option is limited to Model 3 and Y only.

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5). Dreamcase Tesla Camper Kit

This Dreamcase is a good Tesla camper that has been put together for a comfortable and safe journey. The Dreamcase is supplied in square cushions that can be folded out to form a double mattress. We love the Dreamcase option as it is a multi-layer memory foam bed that is designed to ensure users are comfortable all night. This is a great way to spend the night.

Works well in the back of your car. You don’t have to show a video to see how these work. Dreamcase includes a duvet and some pillows that have been neatly wrapped and wrapped. Dreamcase is one of the best known brands in the auto mattress industry as they are also known for making beds for other makes of cars such as Porsche, Jeep and Land Rover.

This Dreamcase offers enough breathability. The Dreamcase comes with the right accessories to give you some height support.

In general, this Dreamcase option works well for sleeping in your Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. You can easily set them up and feel comfortable when traveling, whether camping or driving on the road. The luxury prices correspond to the luxury materials as well as the texture and appearance of the product.


  • A comfortable and soft option.
  • Makes it safer to travel with your car.
  • Built for users in comfort.
  • Comes with neat packaging.


  • It’s a bit expensive.

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What is Camp Mode in Tesla?

Tesla Camp Mode is a feature of the car that allows you to turn your car into a bedroom at night. The Tesla Camp mode is equipped with a car mattress on the back and offers optimal conditions for you to sleep comfortably.

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