5 Best Carpet Cleaning Service in New York

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Below is a list of the leading carpet cleaning services in New York. To help you find the best carpet cleaning service near you in New York, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

New York’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service:

The top rated carpet cleaning services in New York are:

  • Flat rate carpet – a popular choice for churches in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
  • Couch cleaning NYC – has always tried to revive the comfort of furniture
  • Carpet cleaning NYC – one of the largest carpet cleaning associations in the United States
  • Organic carpet cleaner – with experienced cleaning staff with more than two decades of experience
  • Royal carpet and carpet cleaning – They are experienced and experts in their field

Flat rate carpet

Flat rate carpetFlat rate carpet. Source: Screenshot from www.flatratecarpet.com

Flat rate carpet was a popular choice for churches in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Since 1996 they have been able to help and keep hundreds of thousands of customers happy. Their services are considered to be reliable and trustworthy services for installing, repairing and cleaning commercial and residential carpets. In addition to carpet services, they can also perform upholstery, carpet cleaning, flood cleaning, repair of handmade wool, silk and oriental carpets and more.

The company has encountered almost all types of stains over the years. Hence, they are confident that they can meet all of your needs and requirements. They believe that each of their customers is important and that it is right to offer efficient solutions. With their expert methods and experienced crew, they are sure to offer you a 100% customer satisfaction rate.


Carpet cleaning, carpet installation, repair and restoration, carpeting, commercial carpet cleaning, and more


Address: 777 Meeker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 387-8100


“Honest and reliable technicians! The price was affordable and no more pet enhancements and foul odor in our Moroccan carpet. Recommended. “- Bobby Guzman

Couch cleaning NYC

Couch cleaning NYCCouch cleaning NYC. Source: Screenshot from www.couchcleanersnewyorkcity.com

Couch cleaning NYC has always tried to enliven the comfort of furniture by making it neat, beautiful and fresh. As an expert in the field, they ensure that only the best materials are used that are a safe solution for each individual and even your furry pets. Your employees provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for a sterile object.

As the company specializes in various services, they still strive to improve their services. All customer requests and requirements are exceeded and they will continue to provide such services. With passion and dedication, they believe they can do the best they can.


Office and commercial cleaning, cleaning of oriental carpets, cleaning of organic carpets, upholstery cleaning, restoration of water damage


Address: 204 E 84th St # 3c, New York, NY 10028
(917) 983-3055


“I’ve been using these guys for years and they never disappoint. This time I had spilled a blueberry smoothie all over our cream colored couch and I was sure I ruined it. Johnnie and his team came out and made the couch look brand new again. They do a wonderful job and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you guys! “- Tomer Zloczower

Carpet cleaning NYC

Carpet cleaning NYCCarpet cleaning NYC. Source: Screenshot from www.topcarpetcarenyc.com

Carpet cleaning NYC is a family company based in New York. It is considered one of the largest carpet cleaning associations in the United States. All of their vans have become a familiar sight in the United States. The company has its superior principles that have enabled it to achieve this level since it began in 2004. Not just a carpet cleaning company, but other relevant services that are top notch too.

Carpet Cleaning NYC ensures consistent, premium experiences that guarantee a complete satisfaction rate. You can respond to your emergencies around the clock. The company uses cutting edge technology and materials to ensure they produce exemplary results with whatever you ask them to do. From there, they believe they can save you more time, money and give you peace of mind.


Carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, organic cleaning solutions, carpet cleaning services, water damage restoration, pet stain and odor removal, drape and shade cleaning, oriental and fine carpet cleaning


Phone: (917) 831-4478


“NYC carpet cleaning did a great job cleaning our boat. On Saturday morning, an inexpensive and really professional helper arrived on our boat with our white carpet. 5 star service from start to finish, thank you. “- David Gold

Organic carpet cleaner

Organic carpet cleanerOrganic carpet cleaner. Source: Screenshot from www.organicrugcleaners-nyc.com

Organic carpet cleaner is a family-owned carpet cleaning company founded in 2004 and based in New York. All of the services offered by the company are known and known to be reliable. The company maintains its reputation as the top NYC carpet cleaning company. They always dedicate their work to the goal of achieving a 100% customer satisfaction rate and sometimes exceeding it.

The company doesn’t act like they offer package deals because they believe your needs should always be heard and prioritized. They don’t want to give you things that you don’t need, but rather act efficiently to meet your needs. With seasoned cleaners with over two decades of experience, they feel confident that they will do well with their services.


Carpet cleaning service, upholstery cleaning service, organic cleaning solutions, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, pet stain and odor removal, drape and shade cleaning, oriental and fine carpet cleaning


Phone: (917) 551-6577


“This is the second time I have used organic carpet cleaner and I have to say that I am very happy with the service, overall quality of work, and customer support. I highly recommend using them, especially if you choose organic -Cleaning solutions are of interest. ” – Johnnie Chavez

Royal carpet and carpet cleaning

Royal carpet and carpet cleaningRoyal carpet and carpet cleaning. Source: Screenshot from www.royalcarpetandrugcleaning.com

Royal carpet and carpet cleaning has provided carpet cleaning services to Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn and other neighboring areas. The company has many satisfied customers across the Tristate as they provide unmatched customer service and have value in each of them. Their services include carpet cleaning, repair and restoration, installation, carpet sales, carpet repair, carpet cleaning, oriental carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and much more.

When you work with Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning, you have confidence in a company and know that they can be there whenever you need them. They can assure you that they are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning believes that a clean home brings many good things.


Carpet cleaning, repair & realignment, installation, carpet sale, carpet repair, carpet cleaning, oriental carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning & more


Address: 151 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
(212) 785-4444


“From setting the deadline to getting the job done, the customer service was excellent. Our technique was thorough and quick. He also wore ankle boots to keep dirt off the freshly steamed carpet. Very satisfied and will use them regularly. “- Xavier Davenport

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