5 Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Dallas

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Below is a list of the leading carpet cleaning services in Dallas. To help you find the best carpet cleaning service near you in Dallas, we’ve created our own list based on this review score list.

Dallas’ best carpet cleaning service:

The top rated carpet cleaning services in Dallas are:

  • DFW steam cleaning – with the highest oxygen-containing cleaning and powerful machine
  • Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning – has an efficient and effective cleaning solution
  • Aqualux carpet cleaning – a company that gives priority to customer service
  • Alan carpet cleaning – with a decade of experience and thousands of loyal customers
  • UCM Carpet Cleaning Dallas – is an insured and licensed provider of cleaning services for private households and commercial purposes

DFW steam cleaning

DFW steam cleaningDFW steam cleaning. Source: Screenshot from www.dfwsteamcleaning.com

DFW steam cleaning promotes a job that does not cause soap scum in carpet cleaning services and makes your carpet soft, fresh and dirt free. Customers can rely on their company. They never use pushy sales tactics just so you can choose them. The company has professional and courteous employees who always recognize that their customers are the reason for their winning business.

Your business may have grown, but you never stop getting real and exceptional work results. They are always available to answer your needs, specifications, and needs so they know what to do. The company is also known for being very honest with its customers.


Carpet cleaning, removal of PetUrine stain odors, cleaning of parquet floors, tile and stone cleaning, cleaning of furniture and curtains, commercial cleaning


Address: 4447 N Central Expy No. 110, Dallas, TX 75205
(469) 759-0551


“We thought our new pup ruined our sofa, but they were able to get all the smell and stains out. In addition, they are Scottish guarded and treated with pets. We are so happy! Kermit did a wonderful job! “- Jessica Bidonde

Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning

Oxi Fresh carpet cleaningOxi Fresh carpet cleaning. Source: Screenshot from www.oxifresh.com

Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning is the one who calls when your carpet has stains, spills, and grime from someone who doesn’t mind cleaning their feet when they step on it. Customers shouldn’t worry as Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has an efficient and effective cleaning solution that will help you clean your carpet perfectly. And they’re just a phone call away.

With the highest oxygen-based cleaning system and powerful machine, they can guarantee that every carpet is thoroughly cleaned. The company has satisfied its customers with all of the results they presented. From carpet to upholstery cleaning, you are sure to have your back and revitalize your furniture surfaces too.


Carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tiles & grout, wooden floor cleaning,
Total odor control


Phone: (214) 624-1188


“The Oxi Fresh technician was very professional and the service was excellent. My grandparents’ carpet had some very old stains and the process worked great! Thank you Graham. “- Greg Payne

Aqualux carpet cleaning

Aqualux carpet cleaningAqualux carpet cleaning. Source: Screenshot from www.aqualuxcarpetcleaning.com

Aqualux carpet cleaning was seen as a company that gives priority to customer service. They can act as soon as they get your call from their 24-hour emergency service. The company strives to achieve perfect customer satisfaction with its excellent cleaning and flood service.

Aqualux Carpet Cleaning can serve both commercial and residential customers with its carpet cleaning service in Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. You may be a small business in Dallas, but you are slowly building an excellent reputation in the community and being recognized as the most innovative carpet cleaning company. The company strives to be the best in its industry and promises to continue to produce exceptional results.


Carpet cleaning, removal of odors and stains from pets, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, carpet protection, water damage restoration, commercial cleaning, automobile


Address: 10777 Turbeville Rd, Dallas, TX 75243
(214) 607-8562


“Our technician was very nice and polite. He helped me move my sofa and chair as my cat sheds a lot. Carpet looks good and smells wonderful. Thank you for your help and you are very happy with the quality of the cleaning. “- Beverly Whitton

Alan carpet cleaning

Alan carpet cleaningAlan carpet cleaning. Source: Screenshot from www.alancarpetcleaning.com

Alan carpet cleaning The company started operations in 2008. The company has provided and provided the highest quality services to residential and business owners in Dallas, Texas. Through their excellent products, extensive practice and dedication to the superiority of service, the company can achieve perfect customer satisfaction. You are considered a leading cleaning company.

With more than a decade of experience and thousands of loyal customers, they can achieve exceptional results for your carpet and other furniture surfaces. They pride themselves on employing highly skilled people through extensive screening. The company always endeavors to offer every service quick processing and reasonable prices.


Deep pad cleaning


Address: 5602 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75235
(469) 881-0041


“I called Alan Carpet Cleaning. I have a big stain on my carpet. We tried to purify ourselves but we couldn’t get it out. We’re calling a local company. Alan shows up the same day he did an amazing job. It’s very clean and not a stain anymore, thank you Alan. “- Ryan Wale

UCM Carpet Cleaning Dallas

Source: PexelsSource: Pexels

UCM Carpet Cleaning Dallas has provided professional and state-of-the-art performance for all of their services. The satisfaction of their customers means a lot to them; That’s why they try hard to do their best at all times. The company is an insured and licensed provider of cleaning services for residential and commercial purposes. They believe that the money that is paid comes from the customer’s hard work. Therefore, they make sure that they are doing their best and that they value the trust of their customers.

They believe that a clean home means you can earn a peaceful and joyful life. That’s why they’re always available to clean your home so that you can spend more time with your friends and family instead of spending a lot of time cleaning.


Carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wooden floor repair, air duct cleaning, fire / water damage, fire damage, tile / grout cleaning, home cleaning, commercial cleaning, window treatment, removal of animal stains


Phone: (214) 432-6684


“Amazing company – good guys. They came out the exact day I called … These two young men were funny, polite, energetic and knew what they were doing. They spent time making sure everything was clean. Very good service to say the least. I’m impressed! “- Jennifer Nix

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