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Aug 4


The most recent advancement in window tinting is the carbon technology. SunTek has used the latest advances in this technology in two of its lines of products. The films are composed of non-metal nano-hybridcarbon. They provide the protection of color and have warranty for a limited time. Both films block UV rays by 99percent. Both films were proven to resist fade. They also cost less than windows with metalized coatings.

Window tinting films made of ceramic block between 45% to 50% the solar heat that enters windows

Ceramic window tinting films have a variety of advantages, such as a decrease in solar heat by up to 45 percent, enhanced visibility, and a more attractive designs for both exterior and interior. While this kind of film is not new but it has already proven its worth. It's resistant to fading and also reduces the glare. It's superior to other films because of its superior resistance to shattering and impact.

Other advantages of ceramic window tinting films are: It reduces glare, fade and make windows nearly break-proof. Ceramic window films block the majority of ultraviolet light that enters the interior of the vehicle. It blocks up to 99percent of ultraviolet radiation, which can cause skin cancer and sunburn.

It decreases the reflection

Carbon Window Tint is a window film that blocks ultraviolet radiation and minimizes reflections. Carbon particles are infiltrated into the film to prevent as much as 40% of infrared radiation from entering your vehicle. The film's capability to block heat and glare is superior than dyed films, and it doesn't fade. The drawback to carbon window tints is their tiny dimensions. It is possible for light to bounce off the particles , causing glare.

Your health is greatly affected by UV radiations. Skin cancer is often result of prolonged exposure to UV radiations. Exposure to long-term high levels of UV-B rays may cause cornea sunburn. Sunburns caused by corneal sunburn can be uncomfortable, but it could also cause damage to the interior of your car. It is possible to become tired from the intense glare of sunlight. It also can cause a decrease in visibility, which can cause a risk for your security. Carbon Window Tint is a excellent alternative to make your vehicle more comfortable, safe and lasts longer.

It blocks the UV radiations

There are a variety of window tints that are available. There are two kinds of window tints: ceramic and dyed. Both block UV rays , but carbon is more effective at blocking the glare. Carbon window tint isn't compatible with mobile phone signals and does not turn purple. Carbon Window Tint can help to reduce energy bills by blocking sun's radiation from entering your space.

Carbon window tints are stronger than the other tints for windows and is resistant to fade. It blocks 99 percent ultraviolet radiation, and 70 percent infrared light. While invisible to the naked eye, infrared radiation may be perceived as heat. Infrared window films are utilized to cut down on the heat. It's resistant to fade and oxidation, and appears more dark than other window films.

It's less expensive than window tinting film.

Carbon window tinting films are a excellent option to cut costs on tinting. The tint is impervious to discoloration and fade as well as stop the bleaching of indoor sunlight. Carbon window tints can stop as much as 40% of the harmful UV radiation. The film is not affected by fading and can reduce energy bills. Its only drawbacks are the ones mentioned above.

The film doesn't contain any metal, which means it will not interfere with the transmission of radio signals or mobile phones. It also reduces glare and heat and also fades upholstery. Window tinting films made of carbon aren't as transparent as other kinds and may be damaged as time passes. It's still reasonably priced and provides similar results. The tints stop as much as 40% of the harmful UV rays aswell in absorbing heat.

It is durable and strong.

Carbon window tints are a fantastic option if you're looking to shield your vehicle from the harmful UV rays from the sun. The window tint is more durable than other kinds, yet it appears nice and smooth. Carbon window film doesn't interfere with cell phone or radio reception. While it's more expensive than dyed or metallized window films, carbon won't break or fade with time.

SunTek Carbon Window Tint is made of black non-reflective silicon carbon. The material blocks around 40% of heat, and helps keep your vehicle cooler in the summer months. The film will not fade or peel , so you can take pleasure in your home's cool temperature all year long. It will not need to be replaced in the near future. It will not chip, scratch or fade, and it is beautiful.

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