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Is the steam mop better than a traditional mop?

Jul 31

Do you wonder if it is worth buying a steam mop instead? Do you prefer a traditional mop or a steam mop?

Because there are so many options for mops, this is a common debate. Both can clean floors. But which one is the best for you?

While steam mops can clean your floors, traditional mops are better for quick spills and accidents. Which product will win? Let's find out.

Steam Mop vs. Steam Mop vs. Traditional Mop

We spent hours researching both the benefits and drawbacks of these cleaning products. We also analyzed customer feedback and related it back to our own experience. Let's look at the pros and cons of each.

Steam Mop Pros

The steam mop can be used by simply moving it across the floor. Steam mop heat water to approximately 245 degrees Fahrenheit, before it releases water vapor through a mop head.

These are used by cleaning companies for deep sanitization in hospitals and healthcare facilities. They've been gaining popularity in single-family homes.

Since 2006, we have used a steam mop in the house. We love the results.

For tough dirt and mold

When it comes to stubborn dirt, steam mops are the best. The mop head absorbs the grime, but the water vapor loosens it. It is also capable of tackling mold. Because it drys quickly, further mold growth is less likely.

Different cleaning settings are available for steam mop models, like the Shark model. You can adjust the intensity to achieve a quick or thorough clean.

Safe for Children and Pets

Clean, safe flooring is essential for a busy family home. A steam mop uses only steam and does not require toxic chemicals. This is what we love about it. After the steam mop is dry, your pets and children will be able walk on the floors without any risk to their health.

Keep your pets and children away from the area during steam cleaning, as it can be scorching.

Kills harmful germs

Did you know that Salmonella can live on your floors for up four weeks (1)? Steam has natural disinfecting powers, which are good for your allergies and keeping your family safe.

According to studies, steam has the power to kill MRSA/VRE. It takes only five seconds to contact. This is a small effort to eliminate these potentially harmful pathogens.

You need less effort to scrub your hair

A steam mop makes it easy to do the job quickly and efficiently. You only need to do a little bit of prep work. You only need to fill the water tank with water and connect it to a power outlet. Some steam mop models are cordless and require a full charge. You just need to glide. It can be done with just one hand.

Steam Mop Cons

Requires electricity or batteries

To produce consistent hot water vapour, steam mops need electricity or batteries. You must always be close to a power outlet if your mop needs constant connection. If you need to work in large spaces or outdoors, this may not be the best option. It is usually easy to maneuver a steam mop around objects. Be careful not to get the power cord tangled or stuck around furniture or other objects. However, the mop may require a particular battery use. You'll first need those batteries. Before you clean, make sure the mop is fully charged.

Mops are more expensive than traditional ones

Cleaning accessories may be a tight budget. Although we hate to say it, steam mops are more expensive than traditional mops. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend. Prices for basic models will start at 50 dollars, while more advanced and multi-functional models will cost around 150 dollars.

The Heavier Side

Steam mops tend to be heavier than traditional mops. Before you fill up your water tank, you'll be looking at about six to 10 pounds. This compares to traditional mops which weigh in at 3 pounds. You should expect to spend some time lifting heavy items up and down the stairs if you live in a large house, especially if it has more than one floor.

Traditional Mop Pros

The bucket and mop are cleaning classics. You can use it in many different sizes and shapes.

This one is simple and straightforward. It doesn't require a power cord or electricity. There is no manual to follow. You can fill the bucket with your favorite cleaning solution and you are good to go.

Captures dust and bacteria

microfiber mop heads are preferred to those made from wool or cotton. Microfiber reduces bacteria by 99.9% and can capture dust.

The fibers trap dirt on your floor. For crumbs and debris, a traditional mop might be more effective than a steam mop.

For most flooring

You have the option of either a dry mop or a wet mop to clean deep. You can adjust the cleaning schedule to fit your needs. It also allows you to use a traditional mop for any type of flooring, except carpet. A steam mop cannot be used on unsealed hardwood flooring, but a traditional Mop can. Dry mopping the surface is possible without problems.

An old mop can be used on laminate or tiles. Vinyl can also be used, as long as it is dry.

Great for quick clean-ups

Traditional mops with microfiber pads will be very absorbent. It can hold seven times its weight in water. They are ideal for cleaning up spillages or accidents with young children.

Affordable price

A traditional mop is a good choice if money is an issue. These mop are often more affordable than steam mops and therefore easier on the wallet. Prices can vary depending on which brand you choose. They range from 16 to 40 dollars.

Traditional Mop Constructs

Requires some physical energy

Traditional mops require more effort than steam mops. You have to work hard if you want to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime. However, scrubbing can cause back pain. This is often because people don't straighten their backs while cleaning. Also, you need to dry your mop if it becomes too wet. Although it may not seem like much, it is something you can do with a steam mop.

Toxic Chemicals May Be Used

It is well-known that detergents and cleaning products can cause harm to our health. This includes ingredients like d-Limonene and pine oil parabens as well as 2-butoxyethanol. To kill germs, a traditional mop can be dangerous. For households with furry pets and young children, chemicals may not be safe.