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The Top Junk Removal Experts in Oceanside, CA!

Apr 29

The Top Junk Removal Experts in Oceanside, CA!


Junk Removal Oceanside CA serves Oceanside, California and the surrounding areas. We can help with all your junk removal and waste hauling requirements. If you don't know how to dispose of junk, we will help you find a reliable and cost-effective solution.

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to dispose of certain items. Sometimes you don't have the right vehicle. That is where we come in. We can haul away almost any item you have to dispose of.

We are aware of all regulations and laws regarding the disposal and removal of unwanted items. Our junk removal experts will always recycle or reuse your items before disposing of them. We would prefer to recycle or donate anything that is still useful than sending it to the landfill.

Oceanside Junk Removal is a locally-owned and operated business that will do everything possible to complete the job. We offer the best rates in North County and can provide a quick estimate. You can also rely on us to send you photos of the junk you want removed or to come to your home to assess the situation. Call 760-919-437 to ask any questions about our services!

What Do We Do?

Oceanside residents can trust us to remove any unwanted items from their homes or businesses. We can remove almost any item, except hazardous material. Our junk removal specialists are quick and efficient and can handle any job, including small jobs such as general house items and storage unit cleanouts. Our junk and junk removal services include, but aren't limited to, general junk disposal, appliance and box spring hauling and recycling, moving clean-outs, hoarding clean-outs, construction junk hauling and commercial junk hauling. We also offer yard waste removal, Spa removal and storage unit clean-outs.

Junk Removal

People call us all the time with items they don't know how to dispose of. These people either don't know what to do with the items or they don't have time or the resources. If you feel like this, we are happy to come and remove these items from your home. While many items in your home or business can be disposed of in a regular trash container, some items are more special and must be brought to a designated place. We are happy to help you determine which items require Oceanside junk removal and which items can be picked up curbside. Call us for a free quote on junk removal!

Appliance Hauling

Are you stuck with an old fridge or freezer in your garage? Do not know what to do and don't have a vehicle to transport it. Call us to learn more about our appliance removal service in Oceanside or the surrounding areas. Some appliances can be picked up at the curb, while others will need to go to a drop-off center. We are happy to come to you to remove old stoves, refrigerators or HVAC units, as well as trash compactors, water coolers/freezers, washers and dryers, and hot water heaters.

Mattress & Box Springs

You recently bought a mattress or box spring. Now you are asking yourself: What do I do with my old ones? It can sometimes be difficult to sell or give away a mattress. If you don't own the vehicle to transport it, it can also be difficult to figure out how to get it there. Don't risk it by putting it in your car, or leaving it out on the curb for moisture and mildew to grow. We'll remove any unwanted furniture or items you have lying around. Give us a shout!

Electronic Waste

T.V.s, and similar items, are not permitted to be placed in a local landfill. To ensure that the environment is protected, radios, televisions, V.C.R.s and stereos can be dropped off at a designated location. We can help you determine if your item is allowed to go in the trash and if there are other options.

Cleaning Out

If you're moving into a new house and have a lot of junk to get rid of, we are your go-to junk removal company! You might be moving and have lots of junk that you don't want. We can help you get rid of these items without the hassle that a yard sale would entail. We'll take the hassle out of disposing of your items and get it done for you in a matter of hours.

Clutter & Hoarding

Although it can be manageable at first, excessive clutter and junk collection can quickly become a major problem. According to statistics, hoarding can affect 1 in 50 people. It can also have a serious negative impact on your happiness and health. We can help you and your family get rid of clutter in your home or office. We are fast and efficient so that you can get your space back and your life back.