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Jan 8

Help your Carpets Survive The Holiday Season With These Pro Tips


We hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones and friends now that it is well underway.

We understand that you have many responsibilities, especially at this time of the year. You have many to-dos and tasks to complete. All the while trying to balance your time and remain focused on the people and traditions that you love.


Chem-Dry understands that deep cleaning is often overlooked in the daily hustle and bustle. We can help you with professional services such as Arlington carpet cleaning.


You are invited to relax and enjoy the season, while we handle the details of cleaning, protecting, and preserving your carpets.


Winter Carpet Protection and Beyond


Your carpets will be exposed to a lot of traffic, especially during the holidays.


The risk of soiling increases with pets spending more time indoors and dirt, mud, or moisture being tracked in shoes. All the holiday festivities make carpets more prone to staining and spillage.


Don't worry, Chem-Dry will let you relax and trust that your carpets will be in good hands. We want you to make memories, not worry about how long your carpets will last.


We can also make your home healthier for you and your family by getting rid of dust, allergens, and lingering odors you can't seem to get rid of.


Arlington Carpet Cleaning


When it comes to maintaining a happy, healthy home, we are honored to partner with you.


From our family and yours, we wish all the joy of the holiday season, as well as a happy, healthy new year.


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